How are the facts?

Perhaps read the below in conjunction with reading: Top Ten Small Caps. This is an exert from the AlphaWealth Prime Small & Mid Cap monthly investor letter for August 2019: Adcock Ingram Holdings (AIP): FY 19 Results & Bidvest-control Optionality … Continue reading

Clientele: Below Embedded Value

Irrespective of financial status or position in society, everyone has a demand for reducing risk in their own and their dependents’ lives. A key mechanism for this is life insurance, but the economics of the traditional life insurance business model … Continue reading

Once-in-a-Crisis Opportunity

Never waste a good crisis and the so-called ‘SA Inc’ equity market is currently at that point. While SA Inc share prices have been flat for years, the capitulation has been negative this year with major indices on the JSE … Continue reading

AdaptIT: Global Quality, Cheap Valuation

AdaptIT Holdings (ADI) is a small but reasonably diversified niche software company. The Group doesn’t take venture capital risk on software and only acquires commercially-proven software businesses with existing client-bases, but focusses on niche, defendable products in diversified industries. While … Continue reading

Sabvest: Unique Opportunity

What makes for a good investment? Simple: (1) Quality underlying, (2) Growth / yield / return, & (3) Underpaying for all this. What makes a good investment fit into a diversified portfolio? Simple: (4) Being as little correlated to existing investments … Continue reading