The Two Mistakes I Made During the Credit Crisis

Following from Monday’s big sell-off (see a perspective here) and the rest of this week’s bounce, I think it is time to put some thoughts out there. At least some, if not a fair amount, of the current market participants … Continue reading

A Bird’s Eye View of the Size-related Indices

Stepping back from individual stocks and looking at the whole market, we can start to draw some very interest macro-based, long-term conclusions from the differences in the risk-reward characteristics of stocks of different size on the JSE. For our sample … Continue reading

Exceptional Companies, Exceptional Stocks…Exceptional Returns?

Last night I gave a presentation at the JSE focussing on what “quality” in business is, how you definitively quantify it and, probably the most important, why it is important in stock picking in the markets. In summary, the key … Continue reading