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SmallCaps.co.za is a public resource for news, commentary and analysis of the JSE AltX, small and mid cap sectors. Daily updates, educational resources and research on companies outside of the JSE Top 40 index can be found here. This is an opinion blog and not financial advice. The author may or may not at times hold positions in the stocks mentioned directly or through funds controlled and/or managed by him.

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Background to Keith McLachlan

Increasingly regarded as an expert in the small caps sector and regularly referenced in the media – both online and offline – Keith’s footprint in this field is certainly growing.

As a passionate and active investor of private funds in small caps for many years, Keith spotted a gap in the market for quality fundamental research available on small caps and founded SmallCaps.co.za in 2006. SmallCaps.co.za was received well and covered the fast-growing and dynamic small cap sector on the JSE. His contribution here opened opportunities such as landing a ‘Small Caps’ section on MoneyWeb.co.za.

Keith’s love affair with finance and investments started at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University where he completed his graduate and post-graduate degrees in Accounting and Economics. Keith went on to complete his articles with PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc. and qualify as a Chartered Accountant (SA).

Keith joined Standard Bank in 2010 where he contributed as a small cap equity analyst for a year. He then moved to Thebe Stockbroking team where he is contributed in the same capacity, becoming a rated South African analyst in the small cap sector.

His latest adventure has been to move across to AlphaWealth where he has built and actively manages the AlphaWealth Prime Small & Mid Cap Fund (a co-named Unit Trust with Prime).

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